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The Bridge Kingdom Series Set by Danielle Jensen
We are so happy to announce that we will be working with the amazing Danielle Jensen @danielleljensen again on creating a special edition of The Traitor Queen! The response from our first special editions of The Bridge Kingdom was overwhelming and we had to finish off Aren and Lara’s story. For those of you that missed out on our first special editions, have no fear for we have news for you as well.

Not only will we be making special editions of The Traitor Queen, we will also be doing a reprinting of The Bridge Kingdom for those who missed out. These reprints will also feature new dust jacket artwork on the inside of the jackets. We wanted to keep our first editions with Gabrielle Ragusi (@gabrielleragusi) exclusive to those who first purchased our boxes. We still do have a couple of these original first editions available but they will be in our normal Past Items Sale (estimated to start at the end of April) instead of the Special Edition Sale. Other than the dust jacket artwork changing, The Bridge Kingdom editions will remain the same for the reprint.

Our editions of The Traitor Queen will be a hardback with coloration that goes beautifully with The Bridge Kingdom and will feature a stunning emboss design created by Elise Kova @elise.kova who also designed the emboss of our previous edition. The Traitor Queen will also feature a reversible dust jacket with artwork on the inside of the jacket. The artist will be revealed at a later date so keep your eyes peeled!

For this sale, you can either buy The Traitor Queen by itself at $19.99 or both books together at $35.99. We will not have The Bridge Kingdom sold separately. We will have individual copies of our first editions in our next Past Items Sale as previously mentioned but not the newest edition. To clarify: Only the books themselves are going on sale - not a full special edition box.