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Sleeping With The Enemy 

- August 2019

- Hand Sanitizer

- XL Pride and Prejudice Makeup Bag by Verge of Wisteria

- Sleep Face Mask

- The Hating Game Bookmark by Reading Revelry

- Captive Prince Silicone Wine Glass

- Wine Stopper/Aerator

- The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen, Exclusive Edition w/ signed bookplate & author note, exclusive dust jacket art by Gabrielle Ragusi, and cover emboss design by Elisa Kova

- Image by @bookcharm25

Beast Charmer - July 2019

- Adult Sized Blue Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket

- Feather Hair Clip

- Dragon Egg Pin 

- Unicorn Highlighter Makeup Brush 

- Werewolf Moon Phases Necklace

- Couple Art by @ladycamafeo

- Baby Mine ebook by Kennedy Fox

- Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau w/ author note & bookplate

- Image by @peacelovebooksxo

Summer Lovin' - June 2019

- Coconut Breeze Lotion 

- Glowing Waterproof Phone Holder

- Beach Sarong/Cover-Up

- Mesh Beach Bag

- Inflatable Flamingo Cup Holder 

- Couple Art by @eklixio

- The Best Years perfume & ebook by Elena Monroe

- The Bride Test by Helen Hoang w/ author note & bookplate

- Image by @reading_under_the_willowtree

Highlander Dreams - May 2019

- Loch Ness Tea Infuser

- Keltar Kissed Tea by @acourtofcandles

- Thistle Tea Spoon

- Jamie & Claire Magnets

- Couple Art by @roitssomething

- "Och Aye" Wine Tumbler

- Highland Crown by May McGoldrick w/ author letter & bookplate

- Images by @bookmarks_and_teacups

In Case of Emergency - April 2019

- Lipstick pen 

- Knot hairband 

- Heart key bottle opener 

- Jeweled Pocket Mirror 

- First Kiss Mint Chapstick 

- Couple Art by @inthegalexy 

- Love Potion Pillow Spray by @nerdypotionsco

- Meet Cute by Helena Hunting w/ author note & bookplate

- Image by @lotusreads