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July Theme: Beast Charmer

Mermaids, and Dragons, and Weres!

Oh My!Ladies(& Gents), it's time to learn to tame that beast! This month we are all about magical and mythical creatures.*cue the fairy dust* The book included this month is FANTASY ROMANCE and follows a woman who has the power to collect magical creatures that many long to have for themselves. But someone wants her dead and the man sent to do the job isn’t all that he appears. This book will come with a signed bookplate along with a letter from the author with our monthly Collector Couple Art on the reverse side!Items featured for this month are useable, fun and will have you feeling like a mythical creature yourself! Don't get your tail feathers ruffled.We will have more reveals coming soon!Until then, keep those claws sharp.This is a box you will NOT want to miss out on!

July Crates are currently on sale and will be shipping out the week of July 10th! If you are subscribed to us, your renewal date for this crate will be June 8th.

June Theme: Summer Lovin'

June's Book of the Month will be by a well known author and tells the story of finding love and learnng how to keep that love. What makes a good match? And how do you TEST that match to see if they're the "one"? This book will come with a signed bookplate along with a letter from the author and our monthly featured couple art! Although this book is technically part of a series, it reads completely as a standalone and does not ruin the first book at all!

June Crates will be shipping out the week of June 10th!