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We are ALWAYS looking for new authors, businesses, and artists to work with!

Please check out the information below and send us an email if you're interested.

You can email us at hello@baecrate.com or fill out the contact form below.


We have two different options for Authors looking to be included in Bae Crate! We offer free slots for eBook downloads to be offered, and we also include a printed new release book each month. One or both might be suited for your masterpiece! Check out the questions below, and send us an email with the answers, and preferably a link to download a copy of the book.  We would love to review it to see if you'd be a fit for a future box!

Each option has it's perks! We announce eBook inclusions on social media prior to the box release, and we include it in our photo challenges! Ebook downloads are provided free from the author in exchange for advertising space. You also have the option of including

-Are you indie or traditionally published?
-Has the book already released? If already released, is it currently on kindle unlimited?
-Is it the first in a series or standalone?
-Are there any trigger warnings we should be aware of?
-Genre? NA, Adult, etc.
-Are you hoping to include the book as an ebook download or a printed copy? If printed, do you currently have a printer for your book?
-If not chosen to be a printed book, are you still interested in being included as an ebook download?


With so many boxes going out each and every month, we always need new vendors and artists! Bae Crate includes character art for the couple in the Book of the Month for each and every theme. We try to use a variety of artists to spread out that love. And we love supporting small businesses. Check out the questions below, and send us an email with the answers. We can't wait to hear from you!

-Are you an Artist or a vendor?

-What type of product do you provide? (if you're an artist, what styles?)

-What is your lead and turn around times for orders?

-Can you do custom pieces?

-Can you provide us with samples of your work?

-Do you have wholesale and/or commission pricing available?

Email us!