Bae Crate has closed and is no longer offering monthly crates. While all orders have been shipped, the site is remaining open for the time being for any customers who need to access their past orders. Our customer service team will also be available for any questions you may have.

Speed Date with Bae Crate

Welcome, romance lovers! We’re Bae Crate— a monthly love letter to yourself. And we are so excited to meet you!

Bae /bā/ (n): 

an affectionate term used to address

or refer to one's boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

Example: Cam Rohan is my forever Book Bae.

Our love letters come in the form of a monthly subscription service. Each box includes:

  • One (or more) printed romance novels

  • A bookplate signed by the author / letter from the author

  • Exclusive character art based on our book inclusions

  • 4+ exciting and useful goodies curated around the month’s theme

How It Works

1. If you are looking to make a one-time purchase rather than subscribe, keep an eye on our website and social media. @baecrate We announce the theme of each month’s box ahead of time. Join the conversation and make some new friends!

2. If subscribing, which we recommend, follow this link.

3. Wait for your box to ship. 

4. Open your box and enjoy some awesome goodies and a fresh new read! Be sure to share your reactions on social media and let us know how you like it!

How It Started

Bae Crate is sister company to Fae Crate. Fae Crate began with a deep love for books and the worlds that come alive within them. For our owners, Brittany and Meagan, this love around the world became their mission— to share a thousand lives together. What started as a "What If" conversation on a road trip, turned into what you see today.  And we couldn't be more excited to be here. We were so excited to add Bae Crate to our bookish family in 2019. We all need a little more love in our lives.

What you will find here..

Book recommendations 

Book reviews 

Author interviews 

Bookish News 

And much more!



Top 3 favorite books: Lord of the Fading Lands, The Fire Lord’s Lover and anything by Nalini Singh
Top Trope: Oh look, there’s only one bed
Book Boyfriend: Rainier from Lord of the Fading Lands
Book Girlfriend: Cat from the Kingmaker Chronicles
Favorite underrated book: The Winter King by CL Wilson
Random Fact: I can sing my alphabet backwards- thought it would make me cool as a party trick back in the day


Top 3 favorite books: Ice Planet Barbarians, Blue Moon, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

Top Trope: Grumpy Alpha who is secretly a cinnamon roll but can totally kill you.

Book Boyfriend: Trey Coleman from Pheonix Pack 

Book Girlfriend: Anita Blake from Laurell K Hamilton

Favorite underrated book: Did she mention Ice Planet Barbarians and Ruby Dixon??

Random fact: Majored in musical theatre and is an accomplished vocalist


Top 3 Favorite Books: Rhapsodic, One Good Earl Deserves A Lover, Beast of Beswick
Top Trope: Enemies to Lovers
Book Boyfriend: Desmond Flynn
Book Girlfriend: Liz, Barbarian AlienFavorite
Underrated Book: Well Met by Jen Deluca
Random Fact:


Top 3 favorite books: The Kiss Quotient, O’Malleys series, The Highwayman, Kingmaker Chronicles
Top Trope: Forced Proximity / Older brother’s best friend
Book Boyfriend: Cam Rohan from Mine til Midnight / Hawke from Psy Changelings
Book Girlfriend: Stella Lane from The Kiss Quotient
Favorite underrated book: The Major’s Welcome Home, Tessa Bailey / Changing His Game, Megan Erikson / Desperate Measures, Katee Roberts
Random fact: I can’t ever pick one favorite and will always be distracted by a new recommendation. I also love cowboys.

Now that you know us..

We want to get to know you! 

Answers these questions in the comments!

-Top 3 favorite books
-Top Trope
-Book Boyfriend
-Book Girlfriend
-Favorite underrated book
-One Random Fact

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Taylor, Social Media Assistant
"“I need a queso fountain.”"

Published On: 
January 22, 2020

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